With over 50 years of pursuing a professional career in fine art, culture, and activism, James E Dupree is a prominent figure in the greater Philadelphia arts community. Dupree’s mission is to enact social and cultural change via the visual arts. Throughout his expansive career he aims to make radical social and political change on both a large and small scale; from his day to day artmaking process to his long term projects. With his commitment to fine art, teaching, curation, and activism, Dupree challenges preconceptions of art’s ability to integrate into daily life.

Artist. Educator. Activist.

“James Dupree, pathbreaking artist, and Philadelphia, historic city of firsts, are a good match. Dupree invents his own pigments, forges new art styles and always creates outside societal boundaries unwilling to play politics to get ahead in the art world…Dupree is committed to fostering the next generation of black artists, supporting them in ways he did not, necessarily, experience himself.”

-Peter Crimmins for WHYY

Fall vibes in Lambertville. 
Our gallery in Lambertville is open Saturdays and Sundays this month. 
Come enjoy the art of James Dupree. 
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Time is running out to Artober at the New Hope Arts Center. 
View the art of amazing artists including James Dupree. 
Visit Friday, Saturday & Sunday Noon to 5 pm on Stockton Street in New Hope. 

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Jamal, Alaeddine Tucuma on base Tom Kraines on Cello Karen Smith on Drums and Richard Hill on keyboards, last night at Dupree Gallery. I thank the universe and all that came out to support this event. Peace Luv
The end of a fantastic day with amazing people. Much Luv thanks for everything and everyone whom came out!
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