Web Designers

We enjoyed working with the Durham Web Designers and love our website. While working with them, they helped us with some tips on how to manage our website moving forward.

We know that showing our art on the website is a great way to showcase it and we wanted to be sure it's done in the best. The team at Durham listed these steps out for us to follow when adding and making changes on our own in the future:

  1. The image files need to be in the right format. Try to use jpg and maybe png if you need transparency.
  2. Save the image for web - you can use online tools or Photoshop. You'll want to make sure images are below 500kb in filesize. It's also usually best to keep the dimensions under 1920px wide.
  3. Starting with a good source image will produce a better-optimized for web image. This will ensure that the art is displayed in the best possible quality, with sharp lines and vibrant colors.
  4. If you have large images, use a thumbnail image that's smaller and link to the larger one. This takes some strain off the person's bandwidth.
  5. For an awesome user experience, use a lightbox to display galleries of photos.
  6. Use captions and alt text. This gives people more information about what they're looking at.

While making the site, they took all of these into account when creating the best experience for checking out our artwork on this website. And we love it! Their tips definitely make the site better and will make sure our updates follow these guidelines.

If you're looking for a website, check out https://webdesignersdurham.com/